Speed up your apps by loading SAPUI5 from a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of computer systems on the internet that can serve resources to end users based on their proximity. When an End-user requests a specific resource, such as a page, image or app, the server closest to that user is dynamically determined and will deliver the content to the user. We can use a CDN to speed up the loading time of our users, especially when distributed across different geographical locations.

By default, SAPUI5 resources are loaded from your front-end server. From version 1.44 onwards we can configure the system to instead load resources from a CDN to improve performance.

On your frontend server, you can assign the following catalog to any roles for which you would like to enable loading the resources from a CDN:

The launchpad will automatically load the same version of UI5 from the CDN as is installed on your front-end server. You can confirm the CDN is enabled by checking which URL the library is loaded from. In Chrome, you can do this by opening a debugger, and checking the 'Network' tab.


Speed up your apps by loading SAPUI5 from a CDN
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